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For All of Your Landscaping Needs

New installations,  upgrades, revamps, restructuring and seasonal maintenance. We can do it all.

Rock features, ponds and water features, hardscaping, softscaping, retaining walls, irrigation and much more… 

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Westville, KZN


We can design any style of garden for you and all our designs are based on your personal choices for plants and style.

New Installations

We can implement projects from a blank canvas, or from bare soil.


We can upgrade your existing garden  with new plants to fil in gaps and to give it a fresh look again. 


We can revamp your garden to fit in with the latest trends or your personal preferences as they change.


We can restructure your garden to accommodate any new requirements you might have.

Seasonal Maintenance

We can conduct maintenance on a seasonal basis, ensuring that your garden gets what it needs as the seasons change.

Water Features & Ponds

We can create natural or modern looking water features, integrating nature in its various forms.


We can install the irrigation system for your garden to ensure the plants get the right volumes of water for effective growth.


We can create any feature using natural rock to blend it seamlessly into the garden.

Terracing & Levels

We can create terraced levels, or slope your garden to organise, neaten or to create areas of interest.

Our Projects

Residential. Corporate. Commercial. 

“Pure synergy”

As an avid fan of Rockscapes work, I feel that their natural rockscapes and landscaping fall into synergy with each other. They compliment each other in a way that can only be created by a true professional.

Living Matter

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+27 82 487 4939

Westville, KZN

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